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From absolute beginners to highly experienced clients, sessions are personalized to suit your desires (requires completion of the Submissive Checklist and Negotiation Form ...more information on our Forms page). 


Your fetish is our specialty. Don't be shy. You won't regret it...


To book your private session, call or text (587) 402-3904, or leave us a message on our Contact page. 

*$60 Deposit for bookings: E-Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, or Visa Debit. Payable minimum three(3) hours in advance of session.


**NOTICE** We do not offer sex, blowjobs, or handjobs. Your lips may only touch our feet if We allow it. We do, however, have a wide range of anal toys, strap-ons, and allow masturbation. You will not be able to convince us to have sex with you. If you are not ok with these terms, then do not contact us.

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