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We thoroughly appreciate post-session feedback. As you could probably imagine, delving into this type of situation requires a level of trust that can be hard to gauge from just reading a website, and although you can Contact us anytime and chat with us first hand, sometimes it just makes you feel better to know that others had a fantastic experience in our presence.


If you would like to leave a review, feel free to submit yours on our Contact Page, ensuring the word "Review" is in the subject line. As you can see, your review will remain completely anonymous. And if you're new, and would just like to see what others have to say, see below... then book a session of your very own.

May 5, 2020:

I was very scared about going and seeing two dommes but this session was amazing. First I was very nervous about being with the two of them especially being naked in front of them as I am pretty self-conscious about my body but they instantly made me feel comfortable by giving me some compliments about my body and constantly telling me I was a good boy and whispering in my ear during our session. They introduced me to new things such as electric play which was fun they also made the foot fetish and pegging parts of our session incredible just for me knowing that I liked both of them they went above and beyond for me to make sure I enjoyed it, I can't express how grateful I am to these two dommes for the incredible way they treated me and made me feel so special and I can not wait until I meet them again

October 20, 2019:

When first reading the reviews for Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge it almost sounded too good to be true...yet after my first session they have surpassed my expectations by far and it's amazing how accurate these glowing reviews are. The other reviews speak about the professionalism of these two, how well they can read you, how perfectly they craft the session to take advantage of your fantasies, how skilled they are with inflicting pain, how well they work in tandem with one another, I could go on and on but it’s already been said and it is so true! 

During my first session, we did so much. One scene that stuck in my head is being blindfolded and chained with my hands above my head and gagged with My Ladies sweaty panties which are sealed into my mouth with tape. My legs are pinned open with a spreader bar and the two gorgeous Dommes have their way with me. It was one of my wildest fantasies come true! They know exactly what to say to put you in your place and make you feel perfectly submissive and know just what to do to take advantage of your fetishes. 

I’m new to BDSM and they showed me so many new things I never knew I would ever like and they were so caring yet sadistic in helping me explore myself! I have a fart fetish and many other Dommes didn’t even think once about trying this with me but Mistress was open to it so don’t be hesitant to ask about your strangest kinks! I went to see a few other “Dommes” before them and these two are in a whole other league I didn’t know existed. You really don’t feel like just another client with them as it’s obvious how much they love what they do. I can safely say I won’t be looking for another Domme again and if your into BDSM and haven’t seen these two yet you're missing out. They truly are incredible and I’ll be going back again and again. If your looking for a new addiction look no further it’s been days since my first session and I can’t stop thinking about it! Thank you, Mistress and My Lady! 

August 8, 2019:

I don't know why I let it hold me back for so long. I've desired these two Beauties for so long but I let that one stupid little thing hold me back. I've had a policy of not paying deposits upfront but I finally relented and gave in to their Power. And now I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. They are SO GREAT!!!

They do make you jump through a few hoops for them before they'll see you and believe me, they know what's good for you and jumping through hoops for these two amazing Ladies is all good and all worth it!

You have to fill out some forms on their website before they'll see you but it is so good that they do because they use every bit of this information to tailor your session exactly for you. They are meticulous and they craft and design your session specifically to fit you. And they do it so well! So be honest when filling out their Submissive Checklist and Negotiation Form because believe me, this information will be expertly used for your benefit.

They also have a little thing I'll call the parking lot test. They don't just give first-timers their incall's location. They have you park your car at a public parking lot they choose and they drive there to pick you up. You have to get in the back seat of their car where they blindfold you and handcuff your hands behind your back. So you're basically surrendering to them from the get-go and believe me, the feeling is so exciting and exhilarating, putting yourself completely in their control, right from the start. Then they drive you to their incall. They do this for their own protection but you also get an amazing thrill out of it. This is so smart!

When we got to their incall, I was un-handcuffed and un-blindfolded and sent to have a shower. Then I crawled naked, into their incredible dungeon, occupied by two of the most beautiful young women you will ever meet. Mistress Raven, petite, beautiful, but an aura of steely cold power just emanates from this exquisite Dominatrix! And Lady Rouge, stunning, slim, tall and gorgeous, and those amazing legs! A softer warmer, yet equally threatening power emanates from her!

They were dressed in sporty work out clothes as I had requested and these showed off their beauty spectacularly. I also have to comment on their extraordinary dungeon. It's large and roomy, very artfully and well laid out and so impressively well equipped. It would provide the perfect ambiance for what would be probably the most intense and powerful Femdom session I have ever experienced.

No one has ever taken better advantage of my almost uncontrollable foot fetish than Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge. I was teased, taunted and tortured with Mistress Raven's beautiful knee high Domina boots and a couple of pairs of Lady Rouge's incredibly sexy high heeled stilettos. They placed pincer tight nipple clamps on my nipples and ground their high heels into my groin, chest, and neck. They stomped me with them, had me lick clean their soles and suck on their heels until I gagged. After taking her boots off, Mistress Raven put on the very flip flops she had been wearing when they had picked me up and had me lick them clean as well.

The verbal humiliation that went along with this was unparalleled, I've never felt such perfect submission.

They then teased me mercilessly with their gorgeous high arched bare feet. Their toes, slender and elegant as I sucked, licked and drooled over them while getting slapped and gagged by their pretty feet.

Then, my final humiliation. Lady Rouge let her Golden Nectar flow into a glass while Mistress Raven gagged me with her high arched, ballerina perfect, yet sweaty little foot. Then Lady Rouge squatted over my face and commanded me to beg for the rest of her Nectar. I begged like a whimpering dog and finally, she ordered me to open wide and let her Golden Juice flow into my eager mouth in short controlled bursts of delicious pleasure. Her sweet golden wine tasted so good!

Finally, the most perfect dessert a pathetic foot pervert like me could ever wish for, as each of them dipped her toes into the piss-filled glass and ordered me to lick and suck every last tasty drop off their precious, beautiful feet! It was heaven for this filthy old perv!

July 26, 2019:

Well First off when I met lady and mistress I was really nervous they both calmed me down told me I would be ok they fulfilled any fantasies you have I have a baby fetish they read to me and sang to me and fed me and played with baby toys with me it was awesome and gave me spanking when I bad i had really good Time there and definitely will be going again they are really easy going love mistress and lady they are amazing if you wanna have some fun I’d definitely recommend them to anybody

July 11, 2019:

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge. This was my first time ever doing an overnight session with anyone, and it was amazing. It was better than I expected. Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge have a great dynamic. They work very well together, nothing seems forced or unnatural. They knew what they were doing.

It was clear to me that they read through the checklist and created a well thought out itinerary for the many hours we were together. They were very good at making sure my needs were met, that I was not too cold or hot, hungry or thirsty.


Spending the night was interesting. I have never slept in a cage before, but I found it oddly comforting. Going to sleep and waking up in that space was unlike anything else. 

They introduced me to new things. I have never had electricity used on me before. It was exciting. They were able to gauge my response to what they were doing and not go past my limits. The entire time I never felt unsafe or in any danger. 

This was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you, Mistress and My Lady.

June 10, 2019:

If you're looking for your first BDSM experience or a veteran, these two Dommes can fulfill almost any fantasy. The old saying of being careful what you ask for also applies, but they do respect limits. Open communication is the key. If you're honest about your wishes and desires they will make your dreams come true. If you follow their contact procedure it's very easy to set up a session. I found their form of play to be both very sensual and sadistic. They also like to include a little mystery in the middle of a play session. When they break off and huddle and you can hear them whispering about what is coming next this tends to heighten your excitement level...

May 28, 2019 (Couples Session):


Thank you, ladies, again for a great experience! This past weekend my husband and I had our first experience with Lady Rouge and Mistress Raven. I have known of my husband's fetishes for some time, and was apprehensive to entertain the idea of seeing a domme. I had tried to perform domination on my husband, but definitely needed some assistance. I didn't really know what to expect when we arrived and was quite nervous and a little afraid. That all disappeared as soon as we met Lady and Mistress, who made us feel welcome and of utmost importance, made me feel comfortable with being there and schooling me on techniques to use and how to do them safely. Both ladies were extremely professional and were very willing to provide guidance so I could be more dominant in the bedroom with my husband. The whole experience was excellent and I know we will be back. I would highly recommend these ladies for couples who want to spice up their sex lives! 


On Sunday evening, I had the privilege of meeting Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge with my wife and it was an experience I hope to have again.

My wife and I have been together for a long time, and we had talked about my fantasies for a very long time as well. BDSM is not something that she had had much experience in and after many conversations we decided to look for some professional guidance and after looking at options online we decided to book with Mistress and Lady. We completed the required forms and in communication, I made it clear that it was important that this be a positive experience for my wife, and I couldn't be more pleased with how professional and supportive they were with her (and me at times).

These two powerful ladies helped my beautiful wife bring out her inner Governess. I was bound helpless as they coached her with several different impact tools, each more painful than the last. Mistress and Lady were consummate professionals as they coached my wife on the usage and risks of each tool, the importance of warming up, and bringing down. My mind swirled with bliss being beaten and humiliated in front of three powerful goddesses. It was nearly impossible to use the proper title with each lady as I took my beatings and every mistaken title earned a special punishment. 

I had an amazing visit. Thank you Mistress Raven, and Thank you Lady Rouge but most of all, thank you to my beautiful wife for taking me on this journey, it was an ethereal experience seeing your dominance emerge. I fully recommend these two for couples interested in exploring BDSM. 

January 12, 2019:

I have now seen Mistress and Lady quite a few times in the last year. I have to say that if I could afford them ongoing, I would have seen them every week. They are the BEST BDSM professional Dommes in all of North America!!! I have been a submissive since I was 18 years old (so around 27 years). I have submitted to nearly every big name in the world across Europe, Australia, USA, and Canada. But never found someone who is so genuine. 

And on top of that my kinks are strange and unique - very few in the world go into that space. If you want pain and dominance, then the Mistress just loves it. She gets a sparkle in her eyes when she strangulates you and sees you whimper... and when she whips you and sees you quiver. I don’t take canes but I can only imagine... she is an expert at cutting, needles and medical play. And what a passion she has in those areas!!!

I go weak in the knees the moment I see her. She is as hot as amazing, no-nonsense and she has an attitude that tells me that I'm worth nothing. If she was a slaughterix in an abattoir, she would not even blink slitting the throat of the poor beef cattle!!! (<--- EDIT: Mistress Raven is a lover of ALL critters, great and small. But in her eyes, humans are worth LESS than 'animals', lol. Do not let this boy make you think that she doesn't have a beautiful passionate heart for all of the natural life in this world.)

And the Lady, she is the most amazing person who loves you while torturing you. When you get scared of Mistress, you run to her. But don’t get me wrong - she isn’t less of a sadist. I feel she would torture the hell out of me to please the Mistress. She is amazing, and a super nice person 

If either of them would be open, I would become their personal houseboy or submissive for life. The two most beautiful people and Dommes I have ever met in my life. I didn’t post a review so far, as I want no one to go to them as that allows me to easily get appointments but that’s not right. 

Mistress and Lady, I love you both and I am yours forever.

August 21, 2018:


This week I finally decided to go ahead with my first BDSM experience. I really didn’t know what to expect, or if I would even like it. Not only did I like it, but it was one of the best experiences in recent memory.  


Among the myriad of sketchy and shady “BDSM” ads on the interwebs, there is Mistress and Lady. What made them stand out to me, besides their beauty, is their verified pictures and their professional website (designed and built by Lady!!!). Booking an appointment is easy and free of confusion thanks to the forms you fill out before your first session, which cover all the kinks you would like to experience, as well as any limits you might have. During the session, all this information is available to Mistress and Lady on their tablets.


Mistress and Lady are true professionals. They are not escorts with whips. They know what they are doing, they know how to read your body language, and they know how to push you in a way that will leave you wanting more.


My favorite kinks were sensory deprivation (seriously amazing), electricity, light and hard beatings, and asphyxiation (my body panicked, but I would definitely like to try it again!). 


If you are looking to experience BDSM in Edmonton, you need to see Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge. You won’t regret it.



July 31, 2018:


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to experience the joy of serving Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge (and the exquisite pain of it as well). It was my first time experiencing submission in person, and it surpassed my wildest expectations from years of fantasizing. It was a thrilling and cathartic experience and I'm still riding the afterglow several days later. 

My experience was great from beginning to end. Mistress and Lady are true professionals. The forms on their website make it extremely easy for you to select your very favorite fantasies. They prepared a custom itinerary that touched upon every single thing I said I liked, as well as some surprises they thought I would like (and did!). Throughout the session they had a tablet and were able to instantly know my opinion of any form of play. The parts I ended up liking the best were the parts I had no idea I'd like so much before. Turns out pain feels amazing!


The part I enjoyed the most was their excellent approach to feminization. They did a truly wonderful job of treating me like a woman. Although there were (agreed upon) harsh words and beatings a plenty, it was one of the kindest things I've ever experienced to feel so accepted and womanly. If you're a fan of feminization/sissification, I highly doubt you'd ever find somewhere better to try it out. 


Mistress was domineering, powerful, intimidating and frightening (in a good way). Lady was a total sweetheart and the perfect balance to lighten the blows. It was very apparent that these two truly love each other and their dynamic was awesome to watch - two true partners. They are both passionate about their craft and it showed throughout my session. They aren't "escorts with whips," they are knowledgeable pros and their enthusiasm really shines through. I'm counting the days until I can see them again.



July 13, 2018:


Mistress and Lady are the real deal! They offer the most sincere, surreal and exciting experience.


I came away from our 4-hour session a changed man both fulfilled and at peace!

One of my many favorite parts was being put up on the cross, blindfolded and headphones on!

The pleasure and pain were so intense, from the CBT to the clothespins... my head was spinning. It was so intense that at one point I swore I forgot where I was!


When all this got really heavy, Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge slowed things down but did not let me off the hook. I am not sure who it was but, such a special moment when one of them embraced my exhausted body letting me know things were ok (that moment will stick with me forever).


Another awesome part of our session was the rope play! Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge put me in a sort of rope harness that, any subtle pull, would bind and synch onto other parts. I never thought of myself as a rope play kind of guy but, I am converted. They even created a head harness that once I was hooked up I couldn’t move more than an inch.


Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge are unmatched professionals, who truly love their craft!

I booked a 4-hour session with Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge and the entire time they were focused and driven! I mean a fully laid out itinerary for 4 hours... That’s awesome!!


I hope this helps anyone and everyone. If you are or are not a fearful novice such as myself, rest assured that you are in the best hands submitting at Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge’s feet! 


I have never felt so safe, welcome and completely Dominated by two more sincere Goddesses!



April 7, 2018:


Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge made my first experience with cross-dressing/forced-bi/sissy play as even more comfortable and enjoyable than I had hoped. Understandably, with it being my first time, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect but both Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge were helpful, understanding and supportive while delivering on the exact desires and expectations I had described to them. They had even gone beyond my expectations in one area - finding a recipe for fake cum and a method to have it ejaculate to match my true fantasy.


During the session they were absolutely what I had expected and were intuitive enough to introduce me to things I may not have been aware of but that they felt fit with my specific desires. They were both attentive and friendly and I was never rushed or made to feel like "just another client”. 


The booking process was easy and the meeting process was interesting and added to the allure of the session.


The immediate comfort level that was established upon meeting them speaks volumes to their professionalism and general understanding of their clients' specific needs.


I was very happy with my session with Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge.



February 12, 2018:


I just had the most amazing experience with two exceptionally beautiful, thoughtful and fierce women. Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge were incredible. Their dungeon is well equipped with all kinds of devices and they know how to use it all creatively to deliver a mind-blowing and limit-stretching experience. They restrained and tortured me in so many exciting ways and made sure I felt safe and cared for even when bound in several vulnerable positions. Very skilled and very professional in every regard. They crafted an incredible session based on my interests and I will be seeing them again soon so we can continue this journey. Incredible!!!



January 28, 2018


If you're from Edmonton and have experience in BDSM you probably already know of Mistress Raven & Lady Rouge. If not, you've been missing out. This review is for guys like me who maybe have dabbled a little into their kinky side or who are just curious to experience BDSM first-hand. 


First off, Mistress & Lady aren't escorts. They don't offer sex, bj's or handjobs. Yes, you get to cum with a lot of stimulation and encouragement but it's at your own hand. So what can you expect?


I first meet Mistress Raven. She is stunning in a way that catches your eye and makes you want to stare, but she also has an intimidating edge. Dangerous beauty. You don't f*ck with this girl. Then I meet the gorgeous Lady Rouge. She has a gentler feel than Mistress. Standing together in front of me, they're incredible. The anticipation.


Imagine you're on a set, only you can still tell it's someone's basement. There are whips, straps, chains, weapons, toys galore. They tell me to undress and make me rub oil into their tight latex clothing. They feel amazing. When I accidentally miss a spot I quickly learn to pay more attention. I feel a sharp sting on my backside. "Yes mistress".


Over the next two hours I experience a smorgasbord of BDSM delights. It's intense, painful, wonderful, thrilling. I try all kinds of new things. Some, like shining Mistress' boots, do nothing for me and almost make me laugh at myself. Others, like having hot candle wax dripped over my body then an ice cube melt the pain away, fill me with an electric sensation. Mistress is an expert at what she does, a professional in the truest sense of the word. I felt safe with her, experiencing some techniques that, in amateur hands, could actually be dangerous. Like unexpectedly having her cup my mouth with her hand and stealing my breath until I'm shaking and gasping, releasing me at just the right moment.


Mistress and Lady complement each other so well. In real life they're partners and you can feel a strong connection between them. Mistress is Lady's dom but Lady can deliver a sharp sting too. Think a little like good cop, bad cop. Together, they form the perfect balance between intimidating and compassionate.


In my short time with Lady and Mistress, I was able to experience a huge range of sensations, challenge myself with what I thought were my boundaries, and learn more about myself in the process. If you're similarly curious, you're in the right hands. 


Now that I've written this, you can probably expect a thrilling and scary entrance.



December 19, 2017:


If you have ever wanted to have a gorgeous mistress take full charge and respect your limits in all aspects of BDSM, then why not have two gorgeous females control you. Very professional and will always treat you how you want by having you fill out question forms so they know exactly what your looking for, making the experience the best. Warning though, once you submit to them you will only be craving to go back.


Every aspect of them is the best. Their looks are to die for, all their creativity and devious minds will never make your time with them the same. Their love for what they do shows and that is why you cannot find another that could ever compete. After making the first contact to them and allowing them to control me has only made me crave to go back for more. Having only knowing them for a few months, but as I write this, I'm in chastity for they not only control me there, but are controlling me 24/7.



December 10, 2017:


A couple of months ago I again ventured into the world of distance domination. This time, having seen the impressive website of Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge, I began to talk with them about what might be possible. I have engaged many others over the past couple of years with results that ranged from barely acceptable and worse. 

There are obvious risks to this type of play, especially because it requires an advance donation and because it often is something that occurs over many weeks. Considering both of those elements, it is easy to imagine how many distractions and faltering commitments can occur. 

Having offered that caution, I will now tell you that the services of Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge are not only the best I have experienced, but superior in their own right. Full of fun, laughter, eroticism, suspense and more. I was entirely happy with what they added to the mix both in terms of their initiative and the receptivity to my input. This resulted in a very positive synergy and many, many wonderful experiences. 

This was the first time we played together. Because of this, a great deal of trust was required. More so, it also required that all of us give -- to put ourselves out there and create a mutual energy exchange. Distance domination does not work if either side is passive, or reluctant, or unwilling to take risks. As we got into it, I would be eagerly awaiting their assignments - like a child awaiting a present. And with some of those assignments, I would be overjoyed with the challenge, and then submerged under doubt of my ability to please them or the courage to face the risks.

Do not doubt the range of experiences you will be required to undertake. Even at a distance, you will experience pain, and humiliation, and service -- all within the limits you have set together at the beginning of play.

Lastly, don't forget that there will be bumps along the road, the need for clarification, and especially clarity around expectations!!!!! In these matters, Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge are active and reasonable. 

So, if Distance Domination is your thing, or simply something you would like to explore, I can't imagine that you will find anyone better! And I think you will have a tremendous amount of fun just as I did.



July 2, 2017:


Travelling up to Edmonton for the weekend I decided to try a domination session. Sent in the deposit and got to the location a few minutes early where I began filling out Mistress Raven and Lady Rouges checklist... 8:30 hits and I hear a few knocks on the door and in walks Mistress Raven. She greeted me in beautiful latex attire, she was firm yet gentle. Trying to keep my composure [holding my jaw from dropping to the floor] I followed her to the designated room. All I could think of was how gorgeous she was and more petite than I expected. I followed Mistress into the room where I meet the stunning Lady Rouge.


She stood tall in her heels; my eyes following her beautifully sculpted body up to her gorgeous face, where I was met with her piercing blue eyes. I could not look away, I did not want to look away...the session started and I was bound to a St. Andrews cross. The flogging began gentle and got increasingly more intense...both Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge would intermittently stop and dig there nails into me and scratch me sending shivers up my spine which was very euphoric...I was then told to put a chastity cage on but could not fit the balls into the ring. Mistress Raven came over and firmly yet gently shoved them in, aroused by this I could not get the outer cage on [if only an ice bag was around]...Then the strapon came out and I got to witness the beautiful Raven at work...digging her nails into me and using me as she pleased....she really knew how to work that strapon...


Hands down one of the best sessions I have had, both truly lovely ladies, both very feminine both beautiful and both good at what they do.



March 18, 2017:


They are very professional and setting up with them was easy. They had a checklist of things I'd like to try and level of interest in each. I figured I'd give some flogging and strap on a chance as well. They noted everything I had checked off and set a beautiful and devious itinerary in motion when I got there. I was never into pain prior but the flogging was actually turning me on greatly. They cuffed me to a cross then spanked me repeatedly. Increasing intensity throughout all while gauging my responses. Then the strap-ons came out. They made me kneel while they took turns gagging me. It was again, strangely sexy. After that they double-teamed me and I loved it. Again, they took their time and made sure not to hurt me...too bad. Haha. These beautiful ladies were very dominant and very vocal. I am glad I decided to try something new. It's always nice to open up your possibilities and options. 



February 5, 2017:


Such a great safe experience! They know how to push limits and be safe. They communicate well. Yes and they are both sooo beautiful! They are amazing and so worth a visit!



September 16, 2016:


I recently saw Mistress Raven & Lady Rouge for a dom session, it was incredible, to say the least!

First off they were very accommodating with my short notice booking, they worked with me to find a time that both worked for us. When I showed up to the location, they had me fill out some paperwork regarding my interests and boundaries as well as their rules and boundaries, which I found really nice everything being up front and somewhat knowing what to expect. 

When I first met Mistress Raven & Lady Rouge I was blown away by how amazing they looked! I was so incredibly turned on right from the get-go!

The session just kept getting better and better as it went on, the ladies are very very talented at what they do, knowing when to push the limits and when to just make you feel amazing. I literally can not say enough good things about Mistress Raven & Lady Rouge, Sexy, Fit, Professional, Controlling, and very Dominating! I would recommend them to anyone from beginner to experienced sub.

I can not wait to see Mistress Raven & Lady Rouge again!



August 8, 2016:


I decided to visit Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge yesterday and I was thoroughly impressed. I was greeted by two gorgeous Dommes (I'm pretty much overstimulated at this point lol). Domme session was incredible as nothing beats the constant attention you get with two females (although this attention is whipping and prodding lol). Very very sexy and I love how professional they were to deal with. Booking and session were stress-free.

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