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​​Many of our Services are shown below, but our detailed list is within our Submissive Checklist. We require this checklist to be completed, along with the Negotiation Form, prior to your first session. See our Forms page for more details.


  • Anal Play & Figging 

  • Asphyxiation & Breath Control 

  • Ball Busting & CBT 

  • Beatings & Corporal Punishment (Floggers, Whips, Paddles, Canes, Clothespins, Nipple Clamps, etc.) 

  • Bondage (Collars, Cuffs, Armbinder, Gags, Bits, Blindfolds, etc.) 

  • Chastity & Keyholding 

  • Crossdressing & Sissy Training 

  • Distance Domination 

  • Electricity (Violet Wand, TENS, Electrical Insertables, etc.) 

  • Foot & High Heel Worship 

  • Financial Domination 

  • Forced Masturbation 

  • Wax & Fire Play 

  • Infantilism & Age Play 

  • Puppy & Pony Play 

  • Human Ashtray & Serving as Furniture 

  • Humiliation & Teasing 

  • Lifestyle Slavery & Ownership 

  • Erotic Photography 

  • Mummification 

  • OTK (Over-the-Knee) Spankings 

  • Sensory Deprivation 

  • Urethral Sounding 

  • AND...If you don't see your desire(s) in this list, feel free to enquire within: Contact Us 


All Service pricing is available on our Pricing & Deposit page

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Non-Session Services


Distance Domination:


Do you live somewhere where a local Domme is not easily accessible? Do you still crave the opportunity to be dominated? Do you desire to prove your worthiness? Show that you will do as your told? Follow instructions to the letter, or be humiliated through a video where you will be instructed to spank your own ass with a wooden spoon as you count the hits?


We offer distance domination, where for a weekly fee, you will be granted two Assignments per week that will be expected to be completed. We may also implement our point system, where if you bank enough points, THAT is when you will deserve to see us in person, or be granted something else that is exciting for you to work towards.  



Chastity Keyholding:


Your cock can belong to us if you wish it so. You will wear the chastity for a prediscussed time period, anywhere from a day to a few months at a time. Your cock becomes ours. If thoughts in your mind start to harden your cock, you will quickly be reminded that it belongs to us. 


To apply the chastity, you may come in for a regular session and we apply the chastity, and you will not be released until your next session or at another set date (duration may be up to you). Or we can mail you the chastity, where we will require a photo of the chastity on once you receive it, as well as additional proof when called upon.


We use keyholder tabs instead of locks. They are lighter, cleaner, and don't need to be returned. If you prefer a lock, then that can be up for discussion instead.

Sissification / Feminization


NOTICE!!! This section is ONLY for our boys / girls 😉 that are interested in sissification and/or feminization. We offer different levels and different services that are absolutely dependant on where you're at in your personal... well... either basic (secret) desire, OR full-ON conversion HUNGER...  If you're SERIOUS in your desire for pure and total sissification / feminization, then we would recommend ALL of the following for you. If you're not quite sure that you're ready for a FULL transformation, then choose an assortment of items below. Whatever you're comfortable with.


***It is important to know that these are ADDITIONAL services that are NOT included in our Submissive Checklist or Negotiation Form (the two documents that ALL new clients must complete before they see us). If you are interested in booking one of these sessions with us, make SURE that you complete our two forms FIRST before you tell us everything that you would like included in your session. 


So... Moving on... For our boys that are truly desiring the transformation to sissification and/or feminization, we like to start out with a hypnosis track that is just under an hour long. It has been widely proven to modify the male headspace into a more feminine zone. The first 25 minutes are solely for the purpose of initiating the trance state required to completely accept the conversion to feminization, while the rest works on actually converting your subconscious (see the hypnosis reviews below...).    


We also recommend at LEAST (at an absolute minimum) an hour for actual, physical session time, which would include (by your preferences, of course, through your completion of our Submissive Checklist) cross-dressing, teasing, humiliation, spanking, etc. During this time, we can also fully feminize your wardrobe as well as your makeup (if that's what makes you happy, and to any degree that you're comfortable with).


As an additional option, we also offer waxing for our clients. We are very skilled in this, as we have done it countless times on not only each other, but many other clients as well. The duration depends on exactly where you would like to be waxed (and it does generally take FAR longer than you would think - same as in the salon... but we're more fun 😉), if it's just the private zones, or if you would like arms, legs, underarms, face, etc. The wax comes at an extra charge, as we use a very high-quality product that is not included in our service charges. 


Note that you are welcome to skip the subconscious modifications or the waxing or our sexy man slaves or the session time, and mix and match whatetever your feeling, wherever you're at, but it's just important for you to understand that they are ALL available. 


Side Note on our Hypnosis: If you would like to see some of the reviews on the hypnosis we use from one of our VERY well-respected femme-dommes, see below for what some of the past boys have to say about it. If you do decide to go with the hypnosis track, then what we would do is send you home with it and get you to listen to it once daily, then have another session in a week or so from then. If you are truly desiring complete sissification / feminization, then you must understand that it is a "process" and not something that can simply be achieved in a matter of a couple hours. See some of the past feedback below. This hypnosis track has a very high conversion and success rate:


  • "This really works. Today I found myself in a perfume store making a purchase, and am shopping online, for female lingerie, and clothing. Thank you for releasing the real me."

  • "This was amazing"

  • "I dropped so fast and completely. I actually could feel my breasts pressing against my top when she said the trigger after the first couple times. I may regret this though, but it feels incredibly hot to try heels and wear silk.


(The next three are my favorite because obviously, they weren't entirely certain that that was their true want, ha! Be careful what you wish for...😉)"


  • "How do I reverse this!?!?!?"

  • "Is there a way for me to act like a boy again?"

  • "Is this hypnosis or witchcraft?! More importantly, how do I reverse this???"


(Lol...moving back on to those that obviously know who they want to be...


  • "I was super masculine and this turned me into a sissy. It's amazing!"

  • "This did make me feel fabulous! It is as though a moisturizing bubble bath washed a month's stress off of me and replaced it with a beauty makeover. Wonderful!"

  • "Using this hypnosis several times a day for several days now, it is changing my thinking to be much more feminine. I just looked at dozens of photos on internet of young mothers with their babies and was stunned at the beauty I saw, because now I see them as a woman. I was filled with joy at the beauty. I never would have done this before. This really, really has changed me to feminine thinking and feminine emotions. I was so happy I almost cried and I have not cried in years. I adore this."

  • "This feminization hypnosis worked wonderfully for me. I tried it twice and I feel so wonderful and feminine. I have never felt so feminine and I adore my feminine thoughts and emotions. I feel like some girl talk, and like flirting with a guy and also I feel maternal, like I would love to hold a baby. I love this."

  • "All of my personal stuff feels feminine. Thanks!"


So! Now that you know ALL of your options when it comes to feminization and sissification, let us know exactly what you want, and we'll make it happen 🖤

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