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Subscriber Email Assignment Submissions

In every Subscriber Email (which are issued bi-weekly) we define an Assignment. And from every single email, there are TWO WINNERS!!! 1st place earns a $400 credit, and the runner-up earns a $100 credit!!! The winning submissions will be anonymously posted below...

*** IMPORTANT! ***

  • If given a word count limit, and your Assignment is not within the specified number of words, your submission will not be counted.

  • All entries must be submitted 1 week from the day that the Assignment is issued

  • Any credits issued must be used within one month from the day that the winners are announced

  • Only one credit per person


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Assignment 1 - This Intro Is About you...


Choose ONE of the Following:

  1. Submit three photos that visually depict your absolute favorite fetish, and describe why you love it and how you want to experience it in approximately 120 words.

  2. Choose up to three different fetishes (submitting 3 separate photos to show each of them), and describe what each one means to you and how you want to experience each of them in 40-50 words each.



  • This Assignment needs to be YOU. We need to feel YOU in your photos and your descriptions.

  • The photos can be from anywhere (i.e. internet photos, magazines, drawings, etc.)

  • The verbiage must be your own (i.e. do not copy other people's words as we can run an internet search on your submission. Your words must come straight from your heart)

  • Be sure to include your name and your contact information with your submission. Your personal information will NEVER be disclosed to anyone other than us, but we will need this information if you are the winner and we need to contact you to set up your session.

  • You don't have to be a super creative type to win. You don't have to be a fantastic photographer or an incredible writer. You just need to look inside yourself and be completely honest with us.



  • If you like spanking but only with a hairbrush, you can take a picture of a hairbrush and describe why it's your favorite.

  • If you like wax play, you can take a picture of a candle, and tell us how the dripping wax on your skin makes you feel.

  • If you have a rubber fetish, you can use a photo of a balloon or a condom or whatever else turns you on.

  • If you love foot worship… feet, heels, a picture of toes, etc… and tell us why they make you crazy and what you'd do with our 20 pretty toes if they were all over your face or your body.

Assignment 1 - $400 Winner

120 words --> 600 words

Assignment 1 - $100 Winner


40-50 words --> 100 words


Assignment 1
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