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It is CRUCIAL that you read this first BEFORE you view any of our Photos OR Videos...


We may look somewhat... scary? I guess? in our pics and/or videos, I guess you could say, lol (as we've been told anyway)... but I'll tell you why that is... If we were to show you ALL of the soft touches, the whispered secrets, the way your skin reacts when our nails caress it slowly, the blindfolded unknown as we make you say, "Yes, Mistress..." that you've been aching for your whole submissive life... I can tell you now that those moments are VERY hard to capture on film, so don't fear us, or think that all you see here is all we can do to your body. The secret to perfect Domination is the photos you CAN'T see... The way we speak to you that makes your hands shake, that makes your mouth dry, that makes your blood boil... The greatest thing of all that we need you to understand, is that we can be ANY level that YOU are... We can delve into your mental state, and control you from there... We can whisper, and hug, and move our hands easily and lovingly over your body - breathe deeply with that... We can be harsh, and beat you until you scream (which, believe it or not, you may enjoy)... OR we can just love you in the way that you need... we can fill that void that you feel every single day... that void that makes you feel different... THAT'S what we're here for... Close your eyes, smile, and give yourself to us. Your life will never be the same again... 

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There are many videos below for your viewing pleasure...

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