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Why We're The BEST

We'll tell you now that 60% of that "WHY" is because of WHO we are... TRUE Dommes working together in perfect harmony, with a shared love for the world of BDSM. The other 40% is attributed to our methodology... which is non-negotiable. We cater to about 80 different fetishes. Exciting, right? 🔥😉🔥

We require ALL new boys to complete our two online forms: the Submissive Checklist and the Negotiation Form.

Our Submissive Checklist tells us about your desires (the ones you know, the ones you don't, the ones that interest you, and the ones you'd specify as a "hard limit"). You can even rate your interest level on each fetish depending on how interested you are. It's actually pretty fun to fill out, so we're told.

Our Negotiation Form is mostly about your body and what it's okay with, discussing both interests and bodily limits. We only want you to endure sensations that we WANT to cause. If you are feeling a sensation that affects your session in a negative way (anything that distracts you from what WE are doing), it distracts both you AND your body from the fantastic sensations that you... may deserve. 

Regardless, If you don't complete both forms, we won't see you. Period. The reason we're so coveted in North America is due to our methods, so just go through a few hoops, because we're worth it.


You kinky little slut you... ask us about him. You won't be disappointed. 

Another top for you, but a bottom for us. Imagine...

Contact & Feedback

That's a good boy. Now, be patient - We'll message you shortly...

We absolutely LOVE feedback - about our website, our forms, our sessions, etc. - Anything you think we could do better. Don't worry... this is NOT a case of "topping from the bottom". We ALWAYS strive to improve.


Note: ONLY IF you're leaving feedback, you're welcome to put "Anonymous" in the name field. If you submit your form for any other reason, and use "Anonymous" as your name, we will NOT contact you back.

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