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About Us

"Lady Rouge has over 13 years of experience both within and outside of the BDSM community. As a sadomasochist, she has undergone hours of torture herself and endured countless marks on her skin. This is extremely valuable experience, as she understands the submissive headspace, how true torture affects both the mind and the body, and what it's actually like to reach the euphoria of subspace. Mistress Raven has over 7 years of experience as a purely sadistic Domme and thoroughly enjoys bringing anyone to their knees. Watch some of our videos and see the twinkle in her eyes as she causes delicious body quivers to boys who completely relish in her energy.


Both of them together complement one another. Boys will run to the softer Lady Rouge to escape the discipline of Mistress Raven. They are yin and yang, and you will become completely addicted..."


We want you to serve us and experience subspace. We deeply desire to bring you that euphoria that the void deep within you is aching for. We want to take you there over and over and over again. Let us remove you from your mundane world, and into the dark fantasies of your mind. We live there as well 😉


Contact us if you have any questions, or to book your session (leave us a message in our contact box, email, send us a text at 587-402-3904, or give us a call). We can answer any questions you may have. We're waiting for you... 🔥

Welcome, our new boy...


We are Mistress Raven and Lady Rouge, and you will always address us as such. We're not just a duo in the Dungeon, we've been together for many years. And as well, we also very much share the desires that we derive from fulfilling lovely fantasies with boys at our feet where they belong... 



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