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Want a Man?

We offer to you our sexy man slaves to satisfy your deepest kinks. Check out their photos and measurements and choose the man (or men) that's right for you. Click on the images below to view their profiles. Pricing for the addition of our sexy man slaves to your session is available on our Pricing & Deposit page. 
If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us. Otherwise, choose your fantasy below...
*Note: These are OUR sexy man slaves. They take direction from US. Not you. But, as long as you discuss your desires with us, we'll know exactly what you want. 
**Note: Bookings for our sexy man slaves requires at least 24 hours notice in most cases. Sooner may be possible, but you will most likely be required to pay a premium. 
Pick Your Number(s)! Who Would You Like To Join In On YOUR Session...
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Not Currently Available

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