Anal Training

Anal training is important if you would really like to get the most out of anal play - whether you just want your ass to be owned by us, or if you would like to accept pegging as deep and and hard as you possibly can, or if you're a good little sissy whore and you just want your ass taken but you've never had any experience, or if you have a fisting fetish and your ultimate goal is that - whatever your reason, these training sets can help you achieve a far easier approach to just jamming something in in the moment you HOPE you can relax your hole.

Wear them to work, around the house, out shopping, anywhere - and once one gets too easy to put in and wear around, then it's time to move up a size. Doing this training on your own time makes anal play FAR easier once the time.... cums. And you'll be ready for it.

~ Mistress Raven & Lady Rouge